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Drilling for  water, caring for life


Kenya Children's Project in Kakamega: 2016

This is a project for the Kenya Children's Project in the town of Kakamega.  The project has been funded by them.


There is still a water tank stand that the crew will need to construct before the project will be completed.  This will enable water to be stored in a large tank to enable it to be distributed to the various areas of the project.


The water from this well was the cleanest water we have found so far and there appears to be more than enough for the whole project.  It has been a great privileged to be involved with this organization and the project they are doing in Kakemaga.



Rafiki village Jiggers treatment: 2012

The Saunders family became involved with various projects in Rafiki village.  One of them was to help prevent jiggers.  Jiggers is a preventable problem and the family helped with a project to treat jiggers, ringworm and intestinal worms in the village.  It only takes approximately £120 per course of the three treatments required to treat about 650 people.


You can se from some of the pictures shown the treatment that was given.  Some of the pictures are very graphic.  Jiggers is a very preventable disease but money is required for the treatments.  In Kenya, an estimated 1.4 million people (translating to four per cent of the total population) suffer from jigger infestation.

God Bless You High School: 2010

On February 8, 2007, the first class of God Bless You High School was launchedstarted with 22 students.  The intention was to have a new class of pupils (and therefore also a class room!) each year. Next to the school a kitchen and dining room have been built. Here the students receive their daily hot meal. In early 2008 a new dormitory was built to accommodate students who came from a distance.  During term time, these students are residential.


The school had a classroom which they wanted to use as a science laboratory. Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K. ensured that all of the long desk benches had sinks. Taps and pipework were then plumbed in from a a large water tank outside the building.  Louis and Benja local Kenyan men worked alongside John, Les and Brian  Brian held a day of classes talking to the various students about computers, explaining how he used a computer to carry out the work that he does for Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K.  This was a first for Brian and was well received by the students.

Katilu: 2009

John, Les and Brian (all trustees of Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K.) visited Kenya in April and early May 2009 to build a kitchen and dining shelter in the remote village of Katilu in Turkana. The former kitchen was nothing more than a “windbreak” made of brushwood.


On a further visit in 2010 the Trustees ensured that the structure was completed by employing local Turkana men. This village community now has a covered, secure kitchen where one meal a day can be cooked for over 150 children.  The children can enjoy their meal in the dining shelter out of the intense heat of the scorching sun.


The feeding programme for the children is provided by the charity Hope for the Nations.

Rafiki: 2010

Rafiki Village, is on the outskirts of Kitale town in Trans-nzoia District of Kenya.  It is a slum-setting area which is densely populated over 80% of the 3,000 children can’t access basic needs due to the extreme poverty they are subjected to. Three out of five children suffer from malnutrition due to lack of a proper diet.  Within this village Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K. helped an elderly lady in her 80’s who had taken in four orphan children.


Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K. provided new guttering, down-pipes on the roof of her small single storey house.  Ken-tanks were strategically placed to catch rain water.  In addition a basic fireplace with a small outside chimney was built by a local builder, which ensured a smoke free house whenever she does her cooking.  As you can see from the photographs the daily routine of collecting water can be hard work, but this is a necessity in order to survive.

Elim Star Academy: 2010

This primary school near the town of Kitale, led by Beatrice Ndiritu, started in the Autumn 2005 and is supported by God Bless You Homes.


Elim Star Academy asked Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K. to help solve a water related problem.  The school toilets and kitchen were a long way from the water pump. The children needed to water to these places.  A steel tower was erected and “topped off” with a large Ken-Tank.  Pipework was plumbed to the toilets and the kitchen.  We employed local Kenyan men, Benja and Gilbert responsible for the welding and erection of the steelwork, Louis dug the trenches for the pipework and Zeddys completed the project by hooking up an electrical water pump and made the final plumbing connections.  Les, John and Brian completed the plumbing work.  The school now has running water on tap, a first for any school in that area.

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