Drilling for  water, caring for life

Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K.

Registered Charity No: 1129983

Here on this page you will find news and videos about the charity and the kind of things that Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K. is involved in.  We hope you enjoy what you find.  If you have any feedback or comments, please contact us via the contact us page.

Interim report for Zurich Community Trust

The last 2 trips which Trustee Les Saunders has undertaken in Oct/ Nov 2018 and March / April 2019 each of which lasted 6 weeks, have focussed on 2 main areas of development of the work of the Charity – the drilling operations and making more positive partnerships locally and nationally.  This report notes the significance of both these visits in terms of these development ie the second is built on the first, the context of which is important to note.  You can read more here.

Supporters News update 2019.

Here’s the story.  You may have already seen the video!  As you are aware, Les and John went back to Kenya in August and September, initially without any specific plans, but trusting GOD to make the way clear on 3 matters – You can read more here.