Drilling for  water, caring for life

Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K.

Registered Charity No: 1129983


A wider picture: before drilling begins.


Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K. through its experience and local partners is more than happy to assist with the securing of the necessary paper work and permissions required by the authorities in Kenya before commencing drilling. These are

The Geological Survey, which is required to determine whether water is present, at what depth and very importantly what the formation - soil, sand, gravel, rock strata - is. (Whilst essential before drilling these reports are never a guarantee of quantity or quality of water)

The Drilling Permit Issued by Water Resource Management Authority which gives permission to drill and extract water.

NEMA permit (if required) is issued by the National Environmental Management Authority after an environmental impact assessment report and permit.


Once all the paperwork is in place, drilling can commence. The rig and equipment are operated by local crew consisting of a driller, two assistants, a mechanic and a drilling supervisor. To keep costs to a minimum, the crew are hired on a hole by hole basis. All the crew that are hired are well known to Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K. and have worked together for a considerable time.

Once a borehole is confirmed supplies are purchased – the necessary food, diesel, drilling polymer, bore hole casings, gravel pack etc loaded on to the rig and drilling support truck.  This is all done at our rented compound in Kitale where the equipment is stored repaired and maintained there is also a house for visitors to stay in.


On arrival at the site the rig is positioned and levelled at the position determined by the geological survey. Accommodation for the crew is either tents or the hospitality of the locals.Working with others in partnerships.


To seek fulfilment of the purposes of its work, Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K. is very happy to work with and alongside other agencies and complementary operations, which share our values and good practices.Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K. has enjoyed a history of good relationships - based on mutual respect and understanding of both the practical and spiritual nature of each other’s operations - with the two small but dynamic Christian enterprises over the past years. Our Operations Manager and Trustee is in touch with both principals on a regular basis, even when he is not in Kenya.


Requests to supporters, donors or Grant Funders need to see some form of Business Plan to assure them of the validity and value of their investment into a charitable enterprise which is both aware of its strengths and weaknesses, its history and its future, its opportunities and intentions in the short and long-term; being aware of its purpose and resources within its working environment and having the abilities to record and evaluate its developments there.


For Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K. to consider working in some sort of arrangement with others as suggested above, simply means there needs to be a form of words which sets this initial relationship of such an informal, voluntary but recognisable arrangement / partnership with local agencies in the part of Kenya we are working in, to provide a significant ‘base’ of operational understanding within the aims and objects of our calling as a Christian Charity.


Recognising the strong wishes of both (Christian) organisations to remain independent, it is proposed that for the purposes of Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K. , we endeavour to enter for the first stage into some form of informal unincorporated voluntary agreement as an MOU or some form of IJVA.


A memorandum of understanding or MOU is a type of agreement. It’s a nonbinding agreement between 2 parties or more. It shows the intentions of both parties. They represent expectations which the parties involved have mutually accepted. An MOU contains an outline of the details and terms of the agreement. It would also include the requirements and responsibilities of each party. Making a memorandum of understanding is usually the first step before forming a formal contract.


An alternative would be to appropriate and amend some of the recognised legal wording of a basic Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) as the basis of this possible arrangement between the parties concerned. It is recognised that any final agreed document wording merely sets out the very limited arrangement to be agreed by the parties and is in place primarily for the benefits of having such a document in place for themselves in their own individual operations.


In both instances, Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K. recognises the generosity and grace of the other parties in agreeing to putting a document and agreement together, which may appear to be primarily, for the main beneficiary, viz Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K.

Offers of opportunities for constructing such agreements are within the developmental plan for Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K. .

Other working partnerships.