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Here on this page you will find news and videos about the charity and the kind of things that Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K. is involved in.  We hope you enjoy what you find.  If you have any feedback or comments, please contact us via the contact us page.

News from Kenya

Latest news : November 14 2016


It has been a slow week!  Slow in the sense that the drilling at Waitaluk has been suspended for a few days because the crew put too much down pressure on the drill bit when they were drilling through the rock.  The bit is worn out. {Paul our engineer in the UK has sent us some valuable advice about what pressure to use.  So for the last few days we have been trying to get another bit.  A couple were sent from Nairobi but were not suitable.  The problem - our bit is compatible with UK & USA.  Most stuff here is Indian made.  Les and John made the decision to buy an Indian Bit and Hammer from Nairobi.  It should be sent shortly  They will then source another UK bit as and when, and then having the UK bit and Indian bit will give us drilling options.  Frustration and patience have been very common words recently !




Les and John sense that God is leading us next to Pokot.  It is part of our vision to provide clean water in remote areas.  If we go into Turkana eventually, then it will be easier to get to from Pokot than Kitale.  Our friend Rick Strickland has a secure compound in North Pokot which will act as a northern base.  Rick has so many contacts in the area, it's as though the way has been prepared for us. We met the director of finance for Pokot county.  He has agreed to match fund.  We are meeting with the Governor of Pokot County on Tuesday 15 November 2016.  He's the man who authorises funds to be paid over.  Today, we have sent off a Geologist into Pokot to survey the first three holes.


Transport - is an ongoing difficulty.  We will need to look at this as a matter of priority to see how we can best address this situation.




John now has downloads of the Jesus Film in Swahili, Pokot, Turkana and English.  They haven't had the right opportunities to show it yet, but they hope that this will be possible in the future.

Latest news: November 8 2016


Slow progress is being made at the borehole in Waitaluk as they are. drilling through rock.  The work continues and very soon fresh clean water will be available to the people of Waitaluk.


John and Les have had a hectic few days in the North West of Kenya in Pokot country which is to the west of Turkana.  Conditions are the same as Turkana, very hot - desperate for boreholes and very poor.


They went on Thursday with Rick Strickland who lives in Kanyao in Pokot.  He along with the local chief was able to show them around the area and the Kenya/Ugandan border where there are desperate needs for boreholes.  It took two days and whilst there they slept in tents.  Basically it was an exercise in surveying where the best possible sights might be, and also the practicalities of getting the drilling rig, support vehicle and crew up there.


On their way back from Pokot the landrover broke down but was fixed within half an hour.  They then travelled an hour into the bush where about 100 people and children were waiting for them.  John and Rick ministered to them and six people came forward for salvation and loads more for healing.  They prayed for them all and God met with them.  Praise God. We were fed Ugali and chicken afterwards.  Another 4 hour journey back to Kitali -arriving at 7:30pm at night feeling very tired indeed! - but thanking God for safe travel.


This trip has again highlighted the need for our own transport, the need for a reliable 4x4 vehicle that will be fit for purpose for the work we are doing in Kenya.

Latest news: November 4 2016


Les and John went to Waitaluk last Monday to see the drilling crew and the borehole that is being drilled.  It’s a slow process buts its getting done.  When the crew finished work John got everyone together including Les & Zeddy's and thanked them all. He honoured Les in front of them all as Director of Operations and 'Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K.’s Man in Kenya.  He gave a special thanks to Zeddys and then thanked God for the drilling rig and support vehicle and told its brief story and how God has brought it through into Kenya.


The urgent need of a 4x4 gets more pronounced by the day.  They are relying a lot on Zeddy's beat up old car.  Les and the crew urgently need one.  In less than a week whilst John has been there, they have had to rely on Taxi's, picky-pickys, bus, old car, and walking.  Even in this environment it is not ideal when you want to get things done.


On the 3 November they will be going North West into Pokot country to look at possible sites for boreholes.  They will be going with Rick Strickland in to a remote area like Turkana, in the north of Kenya but not as barren.  They will see what God wants them to do. They will be away for a few days.  John will be ministering in different ways as he has been doing already since he has been in Kenya.


If you wish to donate to helping us purchase a 4x4 vehicle for use in Kenya please use the contact us page or use any of the donate buttons on the website.

Latest news: 31 October 2016


John Harrison has now travelled to Kenya for a few weeks to join Les Saunders.  Les travelled to Nairobi to meet John and they spent a little time catching up with each other.  Lots of walking in a very hot Nairobi and a stay at the ACK great house (which was very pleasant)  Les and John have now got the original document for the vehicle registration from the Ministry.  Now things are moving towards getting the license plates for the vehicles.


The drilling crew are now drilling the next borehole at Waitaluk, this is a borehole where Roy Lemburger has fund raised to enable this to be completed.  They visited there on Saturday and more information will follow shortly.  You can see a short video by clicking on the left.


Transport is becoming an urgent need for when Les and others are in in Kenya, especially when in and around Kitale, traveling to the various boreholes etc.  Travel needs to be more effective that at present.  It is important when we are in Kenya that we can achieve as much as we are able in the limited time that we are there.  Waiting for local transport is not only time consuming but also costly.  When John and Les travelled from Nairobi to Kitale for example, it took ten and a half hours on the local bus.  There was an accident, that they witnessed, on route involving an easy coach and a Matatu.  Les and John were unhurt.  It does go to show how dangerous the roads can be in Kenya.  Please pray that God will provide a 4x4 vehicle fit for purpose.

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