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Drilling for Water, Caring for Life

Here on this page you will find news and videos about the charity and the kind of things that Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K. is involved in.  We hope you enjoy what you find.  If you have any feedback or comments, please contact us via the contact us page.


The following photographs were taken in December 2017 when a borehole was successfully drilled in the remote village of Lobok.  During this time the drilling rig and equipment was safely stored in Rick Strickland’s compound in Kanyao.  Prior to the drilling, surveys had been carried out by two of the Trustees, Les Saunders and John Harrison, plus the official water engineer/surveyor.

Tropical rain

 In the rainy season, heavy, tropical rain means that outside work has to stop for a couple of hours.

Pajero 4 x 4 run a round vehicle

Much needed mechanical and bodywork repairs were carried out by Jakunah, who was supervised by his boss Mr Singh (a good friend). A local Kenyan man did the bodywork.

Lorry 4 x 4

Jakunah carried out the major repairs, ably assisted by Leo, & John. Les  Saunders, the operations manager also did numerous jobs. Benje did some important welding.

Drilling Rig

Major work has and is being carried out on the drilling rig. Many volunteers from England, working alongside Kenyan men (who are paid a wage), have completed numerous, dirty, mechanical jobs and we are grateful to everyone who has helped.   Kenyans:-  Leo, Jacob, Benje, Zeddy’s, Wahungu and Mr Singh. From England, Les  Saunders (Trustee and Operations Manager), Nick (from Cheshire), David Saunders (from Peterborough), Will Symons (Trustee) and John Harrison (Trustee).

Jobs around the compound

We are grateful to the many people who carry out the various jobs in and around the compound

Kenya Children's Project - Kakamega

Based in Kakmega Kenya's third largest city located approximately 30 miles from the equator in Western Kenya. Kenya Children's project is an organisation that does a fantastic work with orphans and abandoned children, currently based in the town.


We had the privilege of drilling a borehole for them at their new site on the edge of the town where they are building a new facility to care for and educate up to 200 children.


We drilled and  equipped a borehole with a solar powered submersible pump which has been used for the production of bricks and the on going construction of the new facilities and will provide clean potable water for the new home when it is completed.


The funding for this came from Catch the Fire church in Wembley London who are the sponsors of this project.


Visitors to the compound are many and varied!

Baby Rescue Mission

The baby Rescue Mission is located close to our compound in Kitale. People in the Peterborough area of the UK have knitted blankets etc for the babies, and made dresses for the small children.


Lobok is a village in the Tribal area of West Pokot where in many ways the way of life has not changed for generations.  The village is home to up to 500 people it is difficult to be accurate with numbers, the borehole however gets heavy use from the local communities. We had to replace pump parts due to excessive use a lot sooner than expected.


We hope in 2020 to be based in this area and to drill more boreholes.  We are also  looking into match funding possibilities with like minded organisations.

A community impact report has been created for Lobok.  Click here for the report.

Food and tea breaks

When at the compound in Kitale, we are fortunate that food and water are generally in good supply. Here is a selection of the workers enjoying food and tea breaks.

West Special School Chwele

Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K. had the privilege of partnering with a team of Canadian supporters to drill and equip a borehole with a submersible electric pump with the water piped to an existing storage tank on site West Special school in Chwele


West Special school was founded by Evelyn Nakaesa. She saw a need to reach the deaf and disabled children in her village.  Often, these children are considered an embarrassment to the family and a burden to society, therefore they are often neglected and unwanted.  Evelyn held daycare classes in a small shed in the market town of Chwele for any children with disabilities, primarily deaf or mentally/physically disabled.  She faced hardship from the local community and government because of the lack of support for her vision and hope to create a safe, loving, and educational environment for these "outcast" children.  With help from sponsors in the UK and Canada she was able to purchase land and construct class rooms and dormitories for the children.


West school now has approximately 70 students with varying disabilities, blind, deaf, autistic and physically disabled, students that are able, are encouraged to learn sewing, carpentry, welding, etc.  The school is working towards self-sustainability, growing vegetables, farming chickens and rabbits, etc.


Prior to the bore hole being drilled the school had been relying on a hand dug well which had run dry, the children that were able were having to get up very early in the morning to get water from a considerable distance away.  We were able to drill and equip a borehole at a considerably lower cost than commercial borehole drillers were charging.


This well has improved the lives of the children and increased ability of the school to be self sustaining.  The yield from the well is such that there is an opportunity for the school to impact the lives of the surrounding neighbourhood with the sharing of the water.  This well produces potable water with the potential to produce up to 4000 cubic meters an hour.


There are numerous similar projects in Kenya in need of a secure clean water supply where a borehole is the best and sometimes the only solution.

A community impact report has been created for West Special School Chwele. Click here for the report.

The Borehole at Waitaluk was drilled in 2017 and was funded by people in the north east of England. Fundraising was spearheaded by Roy Lemberger. In the Spring of 2018, Nehemiah Construction Ministries UK Trustee, John Harrison visited the site of the borehole to make checks. Everything was working and functioning  and the borehole producing a good yield.


A community impact report has been created for Waitaluk Click here for the report.

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